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Dot Rotten – Real Talk (P Money diss)

It’s going off on the roof *Kano voice*

As P Money continued to apply the pressure, with his recent Liars In The Booth it was not long until Dot replied back. The saga took a different turn as P got even more personal, raising the anticipation for this reply further..

Dot Rotten levels up in this response, further stating some domestic claims, defending the criticism placed upon him. As much as a lot is being said, and there is a strong conviction, and Dot is barring. In regards to a battle, where the fans decide, P Money was smart in his delivery, and it does seem to be working in his favour, as the people are still seeming to side with him, but this is far from over and Dot is only just warming up.

By no means was this response not on par, it’s just a different style, and so not everyone’s cup of tea, and though nobody wants it to spew out of the studio, but regardless, this back and forth is entertaining.

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P Money – Liars In The Booth (Dot Rotten diss)

Well, it’s all getting a bit peak. Not long after his fire reply, P Money shows no signs of slowing down..

In true battle form, P Money gets even more personal, as he applies the pressure, with a whole EP dedicated towards what appears to be..his mission to end Dot. Though I believe in Dot Rotten’s ability, P Money has shown new levels and strategy as he uses this to his advantage. It will certainly take something special from Dot Rotten to combat thing as they stand.

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P Money – Real Talk (Dot Rotten Diss)

What’s a diss track without a reply?

Not long after Dot Rotten emerged with his send for P Money, the man himself returns fire..

Now whilst I was just pleased to hear Dot return to the mic, the lyrical disrespect clearly hit a nerve, as with the quickness, P Money put together the response, with the video too. And if you thought Dot Rotten got personal, well P took it that much further. At this point you have to remove any bias and watch the battle unfold, and it’s this exact energy upon which Grime has surfaced. Since it’s release, the people are clearly leaning towards P Money at the moment, but a good reply tends to trump the initial send most times. Personally, I have to admit, P Money’s response was impressive, but to me he came into the game through such dubs, so it’s a comfort zone for him if anything.

Dot has since commented on Social Media, but honestly, now the people are only interested in a replies. Although we just want to enjoy the competition, Jammer might want to put the funds up as such a main event is fitting for Lord of The Mics.

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Dot Rotten – Organised Grime

I said years ago, that Dot Rotten was the truth, I caught flack, but fuck it, but as an MC and producer, his talent can’t be denied. He’s reinvented himself quite a few times, from Young Dot, to Dot Rotten, after signing to a major label and not liking how things were (especially in that climate, where everything other than conforming was a risk they were not prepared to take), he chose to walk away, integrity intact. The scene was in a reshuffle, and some quality material went overlooked by the masses, somewhat resulting in another evolution, into producer Zeph Ellis. As I said, talent can’t be denied, and he was back on top, contributing to some pivotal Grime moments, providing the instrumental for AJ Tracy’s breakthrough hit Naila. Fast forward and Dot Rotten has resurfaced to bring the balance back.

Now I’m off the radar clearly, as I wasn’t aware of any tension, or I just don’t check for things as such, but with this Organised Grime freestyle, it’s incredibly clear that he’s sending for P Money.

It was some years ago when I came to hear of P Money, who was continuously sending for Ghetto, and though eventually he got his response, and though Ghetts remains untarnished, P did go onto maintain a decent run and carve a name for himself, so with Dot applying the pressure, it’s intriguing to see where this goes. Aside of the send, it’s great to hear Dot in full effect, and as the scene has established itself better, it would be great for him to continue with his style and sound.

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P-Money – 1 UP

So, I’m listening to some R&B and decide to speed it up, Grime always does the trick, but what do I listen to?
I wanted to hear something creative, different, something that I had no heard, So ‘P-Money – Money Over Everything‘, I had heard freestyles and short sets by P, but not an actual track.

Now, skipping through, I come across Track 5 1 UP, so far its full-on Grime, no mainstream crossover attempts, 1 UP possesses a youthful feeling, more so as it samples and the concept is based around the Nintendo classic, Mario.

P Money himself displays his lyrical ability nicely, as he uses characters and props from the famous game within his rhymes, it merges with the beat extremely well, it is fun, refreshing, exciting and really emphatic.

“It’s My Game, You Need To Jump Outta”

The concept is great, however not always is a good concept lead to a good track, in this case though, P Money pulls it off nicely, It remains true to the genre whilst those who are not as into Grime may still enjoy, any gamer can relate and its overall vibe is not as negative as the stereotypes of Grime are considered.

With 1UP & Money Over Everything, P Money has established himself as one of the ones to watch out for as the scene continues to flourish.

Click image to visit his official myspace to hear more..

Click image to visit his official myspace to hear more..

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