Chase N. Cashe – Hold Weight

Consistent as ever, the New Orleans talent gives us another video, this time for possibly one of his best songs to date, Hold Weight

I say one of is best, as it’s one to really capture his essence, if you follow him on social media, he is a promoter of positivity, a healthy lifestyle and all round motivation, and for most part that does not entirely transition through the music, albeit the content. This one sonically connects, it’s just got such a soft sound but hits hard, and really allows for his lyrical prowess to shine. One of the hardest working guys in the game, the producer/rapper is growing even closer to a defiant sound of his own, “mention cash, and they gotta bring the chase out, I’m with the real so they gotta kick the fake out..”, he effortlessly raps.

The visuals also compliment, with the red tone, life his vision through the lens of his designer frames. It’s simple but effective with the classic 911, less of a stunt and more of a motivational piece, things are certainly looking even brighter for the Crown Bearer.

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Kojey Radical – After Winter

“Can’t rewrite the past, no way..that’s a long story, saw Roots before I saw Toy Story”

In a lane of his own, Kojey really stands aside from the conventional rap, especially within the UK. He has from the get go brought a deeper sense of poetry and performance to his music. With his strong tone and delivery, he is able to really emphasis the message throughout After Winter, which is equally as disruptive as the visual. Starting off aesthetically peaceful, it erupts into punk-chaos of sorts, with the artistry executed well.

In an upscale London apartment, the further accentuated Kojey and friends (including the beautiful Naomi Kaji), causing mayhem for the supposed tenant, it has poignant and rejoiceful tones all at the same time, a metaphor for the disconnect today. As someone who feels that the truths were kept from us, After Winter really translates this well, and it’s a bold intent from the artist, who finds ways to express such a mindset with relevance and authenticity.

“They know we know they lie”

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Dot Rotten V P Money (thus far..)

I was posting each video individually, then fuck knows what happened, and now there’s four videos out in 2 days. Round of applause for the work rate, and it’s definitely getting better and better. So it started with Dot calling out on Organised Grime, P Money responded with Real Talk and might have won the round, at least according to the people. Dot, clearly anticipating, fired back with his version of Real Talk, and if there was a street fire-esque health bar, then this would have done more damage than the initial.

I have to say, I was not checking for P Money too tough, and with Dot Rotten’s production alias, Zeph Ellis taking prominence…I welcome Dot’s return to the mic, however, this clash has shown me a whole different level to P Money, the strategic lyricist knows what the audience will respond to, and as a result, it’s sounding more refined in comparison to Dot’s rawness. Further proof was P Money’s Liars In The Booth, which dropped before Dot’s reply, and so not only applying pressure, this one took things even more personal, and might have even shifted the battle in some ways, especially with mention of a notable artist who Dot was engaged with, and we know people love to gossip, so her alleged infidelity with other known artists makes for more entertainment. I did appreciate her emceeing ability, so in an ideal situation, it would have been interesting to hear her fire back, but it ain’t that, and she’s removed herself from the scene, and now you can see why. Back to the battle, P Money was not going to slow down, and so he took it even further, with Did You Notice, using Dot’s scheme against him..

They’ve both clearly stung each other, with P Money now being clear in his intentions and discontent, continuing to mock him and have people look at him different, he even ends it with, “man a tactician”.

Just when people thought Dot was done for, he raises the levels back up, maybe even taking it a step further, and as interesting and entertaining it’s becoming for us, the more disrespectful it is for them. To the point, where industry alliances are clearly siding and people are being put on blast. I had no idea who Lusardi Rose was before this, and while I’m trying to respect the women, all these allegations don’t help, none the less, I’m not involved, however, whilst radio personality Sian Anderson chose to clear her name and shared some things regarding ms Rose, she fucked it up for herself with a strange reply, frustrated and hurt I’m sure, but along the lines of, Sian hating because she’s, “a lighty”, and well Sian, “is just..”, that kind of took a whole different turn, and all I’m going to say is big up to Lady Leshurr who intervened to eradicate any form of race or even shade/skin-tone shaming.

Fuck all that, and again, back to the battle, it’s kind of even as P Money has mentioned Dot being signed and a supposed pop move, on Facts, he responds, “I could make an OG look upset, talkin’ bout what did you put in Grime?! When for a whole year you was spittin’ on dubstep”

I found that line amusing because to my knowledge, P Money had the Ghetts battle, then I heard him on dubstep and a lot of people knew of him through that, nowhere near as disrespectful as the other shit said, i.e. Jasmine.

So obviously the “tactician” was far from done, and P Money, having slewed him on women, now hit the next place that would hurt, the wallet, with the new diss entitled, Bruck Beyond Broke

I have to admit, I was well aware of Dot Rotten’s ability, but did not know P Money was this good, and I hope this is doing the same for Dot amongst others that may not have been aware, however, it’s really getting peak. Continuing to mention other artists and producers, P has been able to use them and their relevance to further justify his points. At this point however, they’re both swinging at each other, it’s just about who’s hit causes most damage, and for the first time in this battle, Dot might be leading, especially when he drops another video in the same day, and this time not only takes it back to a rawer essence of Grime, but further raises questions regarding P Money’s credibility, with Steak Bake

Clearly it’s far from over, and while Dot is on holiday, it’s intriguing to see what P Money comes with next, some wild allegations have been made, it’s all bit mad right now, and while Little Dee has been vocal that despite the claim, P Money took care of him whilst he was in prison, and I’m aware that Dot had a line in Reading, so there’s hits and misses on both sides I guess, but more than anything, man ain’t enjoyed a back and forth for a while, amidst the negativity or disrespect, it’s one of the best displays of ability, and so for us, the spectators, we welcome more.

Are you not entertained?!.

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Worms T – WTVII (Freestyle)

While his previous effort, WTI is still getting spins, the France rapper keeps his foot on the competition’s neck, with yet another freestyle

Worms T is certainly not sitting back, with this new freestyle, he shows his versatility, switching the flow from the start, with that aggression ever present in his tone, as he sets things straight. He gives you a variety of styles all meshed into one on this freestyle, as always making it seem easy. Though I believe he has the ability to cater to different audiences, he remains loyal to what he knows best, serving the fans with that street rap. I hope it helps further build his fanbase, leading up to an official project.

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Worms T – WTI (Freestyle)

While the french rap scene continues to grow stronger, one of the underrated ones releases some more fire for your ears.

Worms T, who came to the attention having linked up with the heavyweight Kaaris, and with his own style and ability brings something different to the team. With this WTI freestyle, he brings back his aggressive flow, tackling the beat with ease and emphasis. There is a lot of potential for the rapper, and as he keeps giving his fans such cuts, will no doubt be closer to reaching it.

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D Power – Know Me ft. Stogey & Roxxxan

If we’re talking work rate, then D Power has to be at the top of the list, since launching his EB Records imprint, the Grime pioneer has showed no signs of slowing down, producing, recording and equally promoting his roster. With his own EP out now, he releases the video for Know Me

Linking up with his franchise acts, Stogey and Roxxxan, the trio lyrically set the tone, with their aims and ambitions as the label looks to continue the work ethic and further find success.

Stogey has been receiving praise of late, with his recent video The Movie, whilst many may be familiar with Roxxxan, the Birmingham act burst onto the scene as more than a pretty face, she also faced the adversity that women unfortunately face in this game, with discussions of sexual preference and other irrelevant shit, but unlike most, she was able to not only handle it but her talents shined through and I feel she intimidated the guys, not to mention the transition the industry faced, so with things as they are today, it makes for more reason for the talented emcee to remerge.

Produced by D Power also, this bumping track is more than anything shining light on not just his skills as an MC/producer, or even his ability to discover talent, but rather his energy and drive as he continues to outwork the majority, as an artist and label boss simultaneously.

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Terminator – Behind Barz

One of the most unique on the mic, Terminator returns with this new Behind Barz

“And It’s Tee”

The Tottenham MC is no stranger to controversy, with his distinct style and aggressive content, he has gathered mix responses, but mainly positive from fans and peers alike. As much as people might latch onto the violent content, he has always given a different perspective, there is actually a lot of lessons to be learnt within these bars, and with this take, he definitely emphasises those points, with lines like, “you’re living in the council flat with Balmain attire”, he is really trying to inspire and encourage priorities amongst the youth today. The Edmonton rep and his ‘dark side’ sound is certy in the streets, and where at once it might not have been as applauded, in today’s climate, where artists like Lil B can transcend, it’s perfect for such an artist, and not long after the video dropped, he found himself trending on Twitter, highlighting the interest he commands.

It’s not everyones cup of tea, but for those appreciative of the sound and style, stay locked for more from the North London bad boy.

Also, shout out Link Up, with such a series, allowing artists to showcase further.

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Knucks x Wizzy Wow – Cannes

“been losing friends..just like I been losing pens, only difference is my pens always write/right before they tend to go..”

Since his breakthrough track, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the young artist Knucks has been looking to further cement himself as one to watch, with his latest offering, the Wizzy Wow collab, Cannes.

Whilst Knucks emerges as a newcomer, he links up with one of our pioneer producers, Wizzy Wow, who puts together this wavy production, which makes the work that much easier, suitable for Knucks’ laid back flow. Wizzy Wow brings more than just beats to the table, and together they share a vibe out in the city the track is titled after, enjoying the scenery and air that inspired the vibe overall. I’m aware that the two have more heat tucked away, and Wizz has the ability to orchestrate around an artist, so most definitely looking to hear more from the two.


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NoLay – Marching

Women in rap always have faced more adversity than their male counterparts, despite the successes thus far, there still continues to be more of an obstacle, and it’s no different within the UK. The positive is that there is more of an acceptance and avenue, with the likes of the young Ms Banks, Little Simz and Stefflon Don (to name a few) really cementing their sounds, not to mention, a woman who defied the odds and stuck to her guns, now enjoying the fruits, Lady Leshurr. However, especially in this country, someone who paved the way for them, opening up the male mind to accept and understand, is Queen NoLay.

She had the fire flow, lyrics were up to par, and she was not to take any bullshit from anyone either. Unfortunately like so many, she was not given a fair shot, but a fighter, she was not going to give up, and so after many trials and tribulations, and even more so, a potential life-threatening car accident, not only is she recovered and well, but back to do what she does best.

Marching may not be the Unorthadox Daughter rapid flow, filled with aggression, but it’s still sharp, and rather than looking at it as ‘dumbing down’, you have to take it as growth, as a) many of us know what she’s capable of, and b) she makes it look too easy. This is a cool lil’ cut, that will obviously resonate better with a girl, and inspire too, but with this new style the reality is, you can catch the witty lines easier, rather than her flaming the production, this is more light-hearted (in comparison to Dancing With The Devil, touching on domestic abuse) but to the point, and she’s brimming with that very essence of confidence that made us all take notice in the first place.

Much love to one of our Queens of this, as she continues to put the work in and let her music do the talking.


Tyga – Bitch I’m The Shit 2

With Move To L.A. ft. Ty Dolla $ign serving as the teaser single, T-Rawww releases the sequel to his popular project.

Considered as another chance to reignite his musical prominence, there is some pressure, but he is no stranger to a hit song, so it’s fair to give it a chance. Off the first listen, I have to admit, Tyga might be one of the most slept on, as an A&R, his ability to put certain songs together, plus the features, really makes for good listening.

I was not expecting anything special from the Kanye West featured Feel Me, though it ‘Ye’s verse is appreciated, “Flew in for the fight, that’s that Thug Life, Pac sittin’ to Suge Knight”, it does not really have too much playback value, maybe a couple more listens might feel different. The second track might be better, Teterboro Flow is braggadocios Tyga at his finest, and as hard as the beat is, the raps just ain’t my thing, further justifying my A&R statement is the Ski On The Slope, because again, the beat is good, Tyga flossing over the beat, and the flow’s cool, but it’s overshadowed by Pusha T’s verse (which might be the best verse on the whole album). Some of the tracks on the album have been heard before, like Eyes Closed, which ain’t too bad, it’s shaping up to be a dope mixtape, you have Move To L.A., shortly followed by Bel Air featuring man of the moment Quavo, and he does not disappoint, which is cool to listen to but again it’s Tyga being overshadowed by a feature, I’ll give Tyga credit for the flow, as it’s catchy, and off the first listen I knew I’ll be listening to this more for sure, but throw some heavy-autotune and it’s very Travis Scott-ish, which only sounds good when it’s Travis (If I’m being honest), I do hope he pushes it as a second single, which will definitely help establish it better.

I’m enjoying the mixtape, it does lack the bigger solid sure fire hits like Hookah, though he links back up with Thugger, for Bring It Back, and it’s a cool song, but it’s merely highlighting a lack of his own sound, while Playboy is closer to being a sound synonymous to Tyga, Vince Staples steals the show which his feature. As much as media will create rumours regarding Tyga and his ex’s new flame, Travis Scott, Chandeliers features Travis’ adlibs throughout, so that’s something. The Zaytoven produced Cash Splash NASA is one of the better solo cuts, sitting before 1 of 1 (criticised for it’s likeness to Controlla) which finds it’s way on the project, but I prefer Gone Too Far. The other tracks are fillers really, but Bitch I’m The Shit 2 shows that Tyga is far from washed, there are plenty dope points and the project will grow on people over time, but for me, I see potential in the tracks created and I’ll definitely be listening out for an album.

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