Tyga – Bitch I’m The Shit 2

With Move To L.A. ft. Ty Dolla $ign serving as the teaser single, T-Rawww releases the sequel to his popular project.

Considered as another chance to reignite his musical prominence, there is some pressure, but he is no stranger to a hit song, so it’s fair to give it a chance. Off the first listen, I have to admit, Tyga might be one of the most slept on, as an A&R, his ability to put certain songs together, plus the features, really makes for good listening.

I was not expecting anything special from the Kanye West featured Feel Me, though it ‘Ye’s verse is appreciated, “Flew in for the fight, that’s that Thug Life, Pac sittin’ shotgun..next to Suge Knight”, it does not really have too much playback value, maybe a couple more listens might feel different. The second track might be better, Teterboro Flow is braggadocios Tyga at his finest, and as hard as the beat is, the raps just ain’t my thing, further justifying my A&R statement is the Ski On The Slope, because again, the beat is good, Tyga flossing over the beat, and the flow’s cool, but it’s overshadowed by Pusha T’s verse (which might be the best verse on the whole album). Some of the tracks on the album have been heard before, like Eyes Closed, which ain’t too bad, it’s shaping up to be a dope mixtape, you have Move To L.A., shortly followed by Bel Air featuring man of the moment Quavo, and he does not disappoint, which is cool to listen to but again it’s Tyga being overshadowed by a feature, I’ll give Tyga credit for the flow, as it’s catchy, and off the first listen I knew I’ll be listening to this more for sure, but throw some heavy-autotune and it’s very Travis Scott-ish, which only sounds good when it’s Travis (If I’m being honest), I do hope he pushes it as a second single, which will definitely help establish it better.

I’m enjoying the mixtape, it does lack the bigger solid sure fire hits like Hookah, though he links back up with Thugger, for Bring It Back, and it’s a cool song, but it’s merely highlighting a lack of his own sound, while Playboy is closer to being a sound synonymous to Tyga, Vince Staples steals the show which his feature. As much as media will create rumours regarding Tyga and his ex’s new flame, Travis Scott, Chandeliers features Travis’ adlibs throughout, so that’s something. The Zaytoven produced Cash Splash NASA is one of the better solo cuts, sitting before 1 of 1 (criticised for it’s likeness to Controlla) which finds it’s way on the project, but I prefer Gone Too Far. The other tracks are fillers really, but Bitch I’m The Shit 2 shows that Tyga is far from washed, there are plenty dope points and the project will grow on people over time, but for me, I see potential in the tracks created and I’ll definitely be listening out for an album.

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Tyga – Move To L.A. ft. Ty Dolla $ign

It’s been a weird one for the former Young Money rapper, as his high-profile relationship seemed to overshadow his career, even on his current promo run, every interview is more focused on that than him and his music. It is rather annoying and can only imagine how it is for him, but aware that he needs to brush these rumours off to get their focus back on track, he’s tackled it, and as the smoke clears, his new project, Bitch I’m The Shit 2 is on the way. This in some ways is another chance to push himself back into prominence as an artist, and as we have seen from him in the past, establishing his Last Kings brand (after leaving Cash Money), he is capable.

The first single off the project, is the Bad Boy-ode, sampling one of my favourite Ma$e tracks, What You Want ft. Total. I was sceptical at first, but to be honest, if I’m trying to make a comeback of sorts, and hear the song, I too would think to flip it, and then you put the wavy Dolla $ign on it, who would bet against that?

Having previously heard the record, it’s a pretty straightforward flip, and the sample is classic and will no doubt work, the added feature of Ty Dolla $ign really takes the record to another level. Visually, T-Rawww pays homage to the Bad Boy era, and it starts off a lot better than it ends, it might have benefitted better with a similar intro to the original, or even kept a similar vibe, but none the less they show love with the floating scene and a couple lil’ jigs with the fisheye lens. I appreciate the respects to to the West coast with the Big Boi skit, but other than some beautiful women and a couple cool steps, the visuals are not anything out of the ordinary, but the song (albeit due to the sample) is strong and will definitely raise interests for the project’s release, which might do better than most predict, especially in the streaming realm.

Noted that BITS2 is being marketed as a mixtape, so you cannot expect too much being put into it, but I reckon there’s fire on it, so look out for that.

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Frisco – It’s Changed

While Skepta continues his dominance as one of the elite, with his BBK collective further establishing themselves as quite the force beyond music. One of the scene’s unsung heroes steps up to continue their elevation.

Those in the know, have no doubt about Frisco and his ability not just lyrically but flows too. The edgy emcee has one of the most legendary verses to ever come out of the country, and whilst most of his verses might go over the average listener’s head, despite his success thus far (not to mention his popular The Den live showcase), Big Fris might just be one of the game’s most underrated, so it’s great to see him step out with his new ting.

“Right through is where I’m cuttin’, treat this game like a meal and tuck in..”

Known for his hypnotic flow, the Boy Better Know bad boy reaffirms his stance as one of the scene’s best, with his lyrical acknowledgement of how far he has come. Whilst his flow cannot be questioned, his lyrics might go overlooked at times, “this year man gotta go harder..”, as if he ain’t been going in already, but it’s further emphasis of his intentions to continue taking strides, and not one to bite his tongue, for those really listening there’s more as he even shares his sentiments on the system with lil’ bars like, “fuck voting..they’re all the same”, he’s certainly coming of age and rightfully one of the premier voices in the game, so to hear more introspective rhymes is most definitely welcomed.

There is no denying that the crew have gone on to great things, so stay locked into Big Fris as he looks to help take things even further with his raw and distinct sound.

“They used to look at man different, you see how they look at man now blud…it’s changed!”


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Rival – The Bisc series

Four months ago, up and coming artist and biscuit king Rival announced that he was going to release a new track, every week. I thought it was going to be for a month, and then I would get to reviewing, but low and behold, he has not stopped, and thus far the Bisc series is 23 tracks deep. There is so much to understand about this, first of all, it is no easy task to just record one, let a lone a series, and more so to deliver each week, along side his podcast and other endeavors.

Each track, inspired by a biscuit, initially might seem different, and it sure is, as he is able to intwine his love for biscuits with his music, and no the series is not about his love for each biscuit, but rather themed around it in unique fashion, there really is nothing like it around.

On a mission to deliver 52 tracks within the year, the music is very open and personal, it’s from a real place, and it would hurt me if this went overlooked, especially as the music he is delivering is not shit at all, more importantly, it’s motivational, for the underdogs, as we continue to overcome obstacles in pursuit of our dreams, Rivz has provided the soundtrack each week. There are different themes and sounds throughout, to be honest, there is so much that I cannot break down each track, and there is more to come from one of the hardest working artists out there. The one thing that can be said regardless, is that if you appreciate real life music, then this is for you. Rating the honesty and relating to the desire, applauding the incredible level of consistency, from the music itself, down to the simple but effective artwork, featuring a different biscuit (he definitely deserves a deal with a biscuit company for sure).

Stay tuned to the talented wordsmith, as he will surely be continuing to add to this dope series, with no signs of slowing down any time soon, as he further establishes himself and proves doubters wrong.

“Bare biscuits for ya headtop”

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Jacquees – B.E.D.

For the past couple years, we have seen the dominance of Hip-Hop almost keeping R&B at bay, championing the new golden era of the genre, to the point that amidst an array of quality tracks, even the successful ones are not meeting their potential.

An example is Cash Money’s current star Jacquees, with his breakthrough hit, Like Baby,

as catchy as it may be, it had not fully connected, although I believe that was due to the ongoing Birdman/Lil’ Wayne dispute, as with the full support of the roster, it would have no doubt transitioned well beyond the states (Though, he has fans across the glob, Jacquees is still relatively unknown in most parts, especially the UK), though that’s a whole ‘nother discussion, as it signifies Young Money’s relevance over it’s parent company, with the likes of Wayne, Drake & Nicki Minaj. The song itself pays homage to them and kind of fell flat at a time they were no longer synonymous with Cash Money. None the less, he has been able to do well within his hometurf, and the other issue arises that most platform’s loyalty lay with Wayne & co, and the Cash Money crooner was not heralded the same, as one would expect.

Not to make this a CM/YM piece, a firm believer that talent cannot be denied, Jacquees released more material, continuing to build his fanbase, and without that notably missing support, he’s still managed to develop his social media following, and it was not long before he had another hit on his hands. This time in the form of the B.E.D., sampling and paying homage to Avant’s classic Read Your Mind.

With his distinct voice and vocal range (I do joke that he and the UK’s Loick Essien need to have a sing-off as there’s a lot of similarities), there is no denying his ability, he’s nice with the pen too, as he flips the classic line into his own anthem for the ladies. It has since made it’s way from being a mixtape cut, to one of the rising hits, with a mad amount of shows in the process, it’s certainly the people’s favourite. The track also went onto getting the remix treatment, featuring two of the best acts around in Quavo & Ty Dolla $ign, and it does not disappoint, although sometimes a remix can overshadow, if it helps bring the young performer to more prominence then I’m all for it.

A hybrid artist of sorts, comfortable rapping as he singing, though in an era full of autotune-singers, he boasts the poignant ability to truly sing with the best of them.

He recently graced the BET awards pre-show (though I think he could have been more justified on the actual show), and it was slightly disrespectful, but unprofessional for sure, as they had only cued up his remix, rather than the original version of B.E.D. which he had rehearsed to perform (with dancers and all), but these things can happen at a show of such magnitude, and the young talent showed his artistry, as he handled the situation like a veteran and even gave the crowd an acapella performance, which (for me at least) proved his showmanship further. With his album 4275 on the way, the Atlanta native is certainly looking to capitalise further on his recent success, and you can no doubt expect more fire, as his work ethic is hard to be matched, with a whole lot of music and videos to check for in the mean time.

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Manga St Hilaire – Young ft. Jammz

The official video for the personal, Young, taken from his recent Outbursts From The Outskirts project

Like the album, the visuals represent an artistic approach, providing a narrative with the lyrics really being the focal point.

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Faze Miyake – Chase The Money ft. Reeko Squeeze & Capo Lee

The official video for Chase The Money, off his new EP, Infamous

Faze has been working away on his sound and brand, with his previous self-titled project gaining a lot of attention for it’s level of production and choice of features, and so he continues on such a path, with this new street anthem.

Featuring the underrated Reeko Squeeze and up and coming Capo Lee, the two hold their own on this get money theme tune, Reeko has been one of the most consistent for some time, and this track only adds to that. More notable is the way in which the two flow over the production, they compliment each other’s vocals perfectly. The two up and comers certainly bring their energy and hunger to the laid-back track, and further proves Faze Miyake’s abilities to create such a wavy road cut.

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Ozzie B X Knowl£dg£ – Don’t Say A Word

Ozzie B and his comrade Knowl£dg£ link up for this statement of a track, with Don’t Say A Word

The two link up on the unorthodox production by InTheMakins. Ozzie B has been working away on new material and a project to follow, so stay tuned for more from the pioneering British artist.


Hamza – Godzilla

The young french finesser, burst onto the scene with his breakout hit La Sauce, and continues to ride that wave..

With this cinematic style visual, Hamza does not stray away from the style he’s become known for, with the easy-listening and laid back flow, there is not too much to dissect but rather enjoy. It’s very much in the lane of similar acts such as Nav, with that French twist. More importantly the Young Thug-inspired act, proving doubters that he is here to stay, as he carves out his own lane.

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A$AP Twelvyy – Yea Yea Yea (Maps)

Not long after Strapped, Twelvyy drops his new track

“La Musica De Harry Fraud”, you already know what time it is when you hear that now infamous tag, as this new cut from Twelvyy, produced by the ever-wavy Harry Fraud, is keeping that New York resurgence in motion. He really is dope with these abstract tracks, as he looks to cement his legacy, speaking on such, “legacies forever, legends everlasting”.

A$AP Mob have not slowed down since their initial arrival on the scene, and it appears clear that Twelvyy is hungrier than ever as he delivers these introspective joints. Along with Harry Fraud, it’s a different sound for the two, and so I look forward to hearing more.

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